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Connect your business apps and we give you your free business credit score. We can help you improve this score using the data from the apps you shared.Check, monitor and boost your business credit score with CreditPush by simply connecting your existing business apps. We share this data with credit bureau(s) who may increase your score. This can help you get a small business line of credit or a startup business loan.dotsdotscheckApps

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Connect all of your apps on one platform to get your free credit score and see how to improve your small business performance. Get access to new business owner loans.


Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

Why do you need to know your credit scores as a small business owner?

Small business owners need to know their credit scores because your business’s growth opportunities depend on them. Would you like a small business startup loan to help your business get new machinery? Access a small business line of credit to fulfill a large order? Work with a new supplier on good terms? Your credit score is critical for all of these purposes.

How can CreditPush help my small business get a loan?

CreditPush gives you actionable insights to help your credit score improve, making any credit application more likely to be approved. In addition, CreditPush gives you easy access to a wide range of high quality credit products tailored to your small business’s credit needs. These products may include small business lines of credit, secured business credit cards, or new business owner loans.

Can using CreditPush damage my credit scores?

Accessing credit scores through CreditPush CANNOT HURT YOUR SCORES. CreditPush accesses them through soft pulls, which means that they do not damage your credit. Hard pulls, which lenders may do when finalizing a small business line of credit, loan, or other credit product, are the type of access that affects your credit scores. CreditPush does not do hard pulls.

Why should I connect my business apps to CreditPush?

You can supercharge credit improvement by connecting your favorite business apps. Credit Push offers 150+ app integrations, like CRM, social media, accounting, payroll, and marketing. Credit bureaus get a robust understanding of your credit profile with this data; your credit score could go up! This NEVER makes your credit score go down.

Furthermore, connecting your favorite apps gives you access to a deeper analysis of your small business. For instance, you can understand your business’s overall financial health and plan for the future, through cash flow forecasts. Ultimately, a better credit score and a better business give you better access to finance, including small business lines of credit or startup loans.

How much does it cost to use CreditPush? How does CreditPush make money without selling user data?

Using CreditPush is absolutely free and we never sell your data. As you take actions through CreditPush and make better business decisions, your credit score will increase. As a result, we will be able to offer you quality personalized credit products that offer real value to your small business - like interest savings or better rewards. These products could include startup business loan, business credit cards, or small business lines of credit. When you successfully take advantage of these offers, we are rewarded by the associated financial institution.